Status on Flu Vaccines

The flu vaccine order was placed several weeks ago to the State of NM. As of 09/15/2020, we have not received any doses. Today we received an email from the State Vaccine for Children Program stating that they can’t guarantee when we will receive the flu vaccine. In previous years, we have received the vaccine the first of October. Once we receive the vaccine, it will be posted on our website, along with information regarding the flu shot clinic. Thank you.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) ADVISORY

Help us slow down the spread of this virus in our community. If you have symptoms of a new cough, fever, or shortness of breath, or have a travel history, call before going to a clinic or Emergency Department. This allows the location to enact proper protocols for isolation of patients. The Emergency Department allows only one caregiver to accompany the patient. 

To protect exposure to our patients and staff and help limit spread, Full Bloom Pediatrics is asking that only 1 primary caregiver accompany a patient to their visit. As a precautionary measure, we ask that only the patient and primary caregiver be present at the visit. Please wait in your car or outside of the building and call our office at 575 532-6006, to let us know that you have arrived.  We will take your phone number and then call you to let you know when we are ready for your child to be seen.

 We thank for your cooperation.


We are experiencing a higher volume of calls from concerned parents.  At this time, we are continuing with well checks as scheduled.  Please check back here for updates on our scheduling and other practices to limit patients in the office.   As of 09/15/2020, there are 26,842 positive cases in NM.

If you suspect your child may have Covid-19; PLEASE DO NOT GO to the Emergency Room, Urgent care or clinic without first calling the location.  Protocols are in place to isolate patients to limit exposure.  If your child is not in distress, the best practice is to stay at home and quarantine for two weeks.  Testing is very limited and there is no treatment other than supportive care.  We cannot test here in the office.  All tests require approval through a screening process from our Department of Health.

Symptoms:  The good news – pediatric patients tend to have mild illness or may even be asymptomatic (no symptoms) to date.  Most adults have dry cough, fever, body-aches.  Pediatric patients have been described as having this range of symptoms but may also have congestion, runny nose, vomiting or diarrhea. These are very similar to other viruses we see.  If you are concerned, we can call and discuss risk for exposure and determine what is the next best step.

Prevention:  Practice good handwashing, stay home if you are sick, cough into your elbow, limit contact with large crowds.

NM has an emergency hotline to call if you or a family member have symptoms as well.

For Health symptoms:  1-855-600-3453

For non-health questions:  1-833-551-0518

State updates:

Please check our website as we will post any updates and office protocol changes here first

Refill Requests

We have implemented a new system for refill requests. We are asking that all prescription refills be requested through the patient portal on the Full Bloom Pediatric Website or through your pharmacy.

InstructionsOnce you are logged in, click on the “Message Tab”, list the name of the medication, dosage, milligrams and the name of the pharmacy. If you are requesting a refill for ADHD medication, please answer the following questions: Is your child doing well with the medication? Is your child having any side effects and how many pills do you have left. Please list any additional comments or questions you may have. 

Please contact the office with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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